14 Hours After Family Buries Dog That Got Hit By A Car, He’s Waiting Outside Their Front Door

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Ever lost a lost friend and you just wished it was all a dream and the person would just come back? Most of the times it never happens, but in this particular case, Glenn Maloney and his kids were sh..ocked when they got their dog Mugsy back from the d.ead after he was hit by a car.

According to Maloney, it happened around 3 p.m. when Maloney says Saw Mugsy get hit by a car just outside the home of his girlfriend Viola Tiszl in Severna Park, MD. The devastated man was sad to see his beloved Four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier d.ie in his arms.

“I picked Mugsy up,” he told PEOPLE, “but he di.ed in my arms,” Maloney said.

Maloney was obviously saddened by the incidence but the part he dreaded the most was having to explain what had happened to his two children Megan and Kevin. Unsure of how to break the news to them, he told them to stay inside while he checked the dog’s vital to see if it was still breathing.

When he was sure that the pup was de.ad, after he couldn’t pick up a heartbeat or see it breathing, he decided to bury the dog quickly and face the kids later.

“I was really upset. So I buried him quick and I didn’t even tell the children. I didn’t have the nerve to tell the children, until like seven o’clock that night. Mugsy was dead.” Maloney told Oprah.

After he finally summoned the courage to tell his family, they went outside and had a little ceremony to say goodbye to Mugsy. Megan even asked if they could put a cross over the Dog’s grave and Maloney agreed that they would do so in the morning. It was a sad moment for the family and the kids probably wished their dear Mugsy should just come back.

The next morning that was just what happened. They were woken up by 5:30 am by scratching noises at their door. To the utter surprise standing at their door and waving its tail excitedly was none other than Mugsy.

“Little tail wagging at 90 mph,” Maloney recalled.

The couple and their kids were shocked to find their d.e.ad dog tight there at the door. At first Tszl though Maloney probably buri.ed another dog that looked like Mugsy. But Maloney was sure of what he had seen and that he even checked the tags just to be sure.

They had to go to the grave to the dog’s grave when they discovered he had indeed dug his way out of it. Another prove was the fact that the dog was covered in dirt and his eyes were bloo.ds.hot.

Tiszl said Mugsy was otherwise chipper. “Jack Russells are bred to burrow after foxes. I guess when he woke up in that hole, he just thought it was another old hole and he dug his way out, not knowing it was supposed to be his grave.”

It was a short period of mixed feelings for the family who were ho.rr.ified at first but were ultimately glad to have their precious pooch back. When they spoke to the Vets, they said the dog was probably taking a nap when they thought he was d.e.ad.

“The vet said that probably after six hours, he actually dug his way out,” Tiszl told Oprah. “His heart rate and everything was so slow that it was not obvious that he was alive. He had no vital signs.”

Watch the edition of the Oprah show the family appeared on below and hear them tell their story.

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