A Baby Deer Is Saved From Drowning By Goldendoodle Dog, And The Two Become Friends

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Meet Harley, a 6-year-old Goldendoodle who has earned the title of hero after saving a young deer from a lake not far from his home in Virginia. Harley’s human, Ralph Dorn, 62, of Culpeper, Virginia, said: “Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley obviously didn’t ask why, he just jumped into action.” A video of the rescue that Ralph, a retired Marine Corps pilot, posted on Facebook quickly went viral.

The same is true with dogs. Whether it’s a human or an animal in need of rescue, they have an amazing capacity for spotting danger and acting quickly. One dog gave evidence of that when he acted quickly to save a baby deer that was floating in a lake. Harley is a Goldendoodle that Ralph Dorn, a retired Marine Corps pilot from Virginia, owns. On June 2, Ralph realized he couldn’t find his dog while they were at a lake close to their home. Then he saw Harley in the water, paddling toward the middle of the lake.

Ralph noticed Harley wasn’t alone himself and understood why the dog was in the water when he took a closer look. In the center of the lake, a young deer was trying valiantly to make it back to shore. Harley had gone to save it, and when he got there, he started leading the lost animal back to dry land. Ralph posted on Facebook, “Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley certainly didn’t ask why, he just jumped into action.”

They safely returned to land. Ralph said the mother of the deer came back for it. He was so proud of his courageous dog. Even after they reached land, Harley kept guarding the deer. Ralph said, “Harley didn’t want to leave the fawn. He simply persisted in touching, licking, and tending to it.

The following morning, though, as Dorn and his 64-year-old wife Patricia sipped their coffee, something wasn’t right. He said, “Harley got antsy and raced from window to window. When I unlocked the front door, we could hear the fawn bleating. The fawn was found by Harley as he sprinted into the woods.

The baby stopped bleating, the dogs sniffed each other, and then Harley and I calmly returned to the house. The two of them briefly and tenderly reunited, as if the deer still wanted to thank Harley for saving its life. The deer then turned around and left again with its mother.

Now that Harley’s story has gone viral, The story is described in Ralph’s Facebook post, which has received over 253,000 shares. Although Harley’s heroic deed didn’t surprise Ralph, he expresses his happiness that the story has touched so many others. He claims that Harley is a dog who has experience working with both children and the elderly. We could tell right away that he had such a good heart, even as a puppy, the man continued. He’s always been that way around kids and animals. He adores each of them.

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