A Blind Elder Pit Bull Gets Contact Lenses And Fills Up With Excitement

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This older dog almost lost her sight due to some complications from cataract surgery. Her world darkened and so did her state of mind. Her parents were even sadder because there wasn’t much they could do, but then they found out that her lover Pittie was getting contact lenses fitted. The dog’s reaction when they meet again is too good to look at! Chris and Mariesa Hughes are dog lovers and have shared their homes with furry friends for as long as they can remember. They even carry out a rescue, the Mr. Mo Project, which aims to help older dogs, especially those with medical problems.

Of course, if one of their many dogs was visually impaired, they would come to their aid. However, given Gremlin’s age, the vet feared the worst. Unfortunately, shortly after cataract surgery, things got worse for the poor dog. Once a very energetic and extremely happy dog, Gremlin was now just a shadow of his previous version. He didn’t play with the other dogs like he did before, he stopped eating and even started ignoring his parents. She began to feel very uncomfortable and depressed. But your human devotee was willing to do anything to fix that!

“That was the worst. You don’t want to love your dog and scare him like that, ”Mariesa Hughes explained for TODAY. “His quality of life suffered and we really consider his happiness. I’ve been wondering what to do for Gremmy for a while, so I started reaching out to doctors around the country to have her improve her vision in her left eye. ” But after another visit to the vet and another medical exam, Mariesa was so happy that her dog was fit for human contact lenses. Although she was extremely nervous, she couldn’t wait to see how GREMLIN would react.

“I told him I would try anything if it improved the quality of his life,” the woman told. “I had a lot of questions, but sooner rather than later contact was made, Gremlin was off the table and dragged me down the hall … I think we all had tears in our eyes when she looked up.”She still gives me goosebumps. ”

Now Gremlin’s life has drastically changed. He is happier and has no problem finding food or water or chasing his mother around the house. “He hasn’t seen anything since he put the lens in,” the woman said. “She no longer flinches when the other dogs walk past her and find her water bowl without going in and pouring the water out.” Look how happy he is when he realizes that he can see again!

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