A Diver Comes Face To Face With A Gigantic Shark Off The Coast Of Florida

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This is the incredible moment a diver meets a massive bull shark off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. The man even managed to take a series of photos of the terrifying creature and post them on the internet.

When the giant shark was discovered, John Moore, a photographer and marine life enthusiast, was free-diving. Despite the fact that the 55-year-old diver had many shark encounters, this one was by far the largest. The pregnant female shark was searching for prey near the surface with other bull sharks.

The photographer described her as “an abnormally large female”.” She hadn’t skipped a meal, so she was most likely pregnant. Throughout our dive, she was a very dominant shark, confidently approaching me.”

Moore later posted the incredible photos to his Instagram account, where he frequently posts photos of sharks he encounters while diving!

“Up close and personal inspection of a large female Bull shark’s very impressive serrated teeth,” he wrote. “A fish had grabbed a chunk of bait and dashed toward me for safety, before becoming scared and dropping the chunk. This set me up for a shot that my 20mm lens couldn’t handle.”

Even though Moore has a lot of shark experience, this wasn’t the most pleasant encounter for him because bull sharks aren’t the friendliest sharks to meet. In fact, along with great white sharks and tiger sharks, this is the most dangerous shark species. These colossi can reach heights of up to 11 feet and weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

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