A Dog Gets Hung From A Balcony After Trying To Break Free As He Was Tied Outside In It!

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Understanding sick people who beat, neglect and abandoned their pet animals is really hard. This story is one of many neglecting stories, that happens in Egypt, of animals. It is about a German shepherd that was being hung from a balcony.

Unfortunately, it was trapped there without water or food for days. The poor dog tried to break free and jump from the balcony as he just wanted to live like any other animal, but he hung for a long time without what to do. Thankfully, he was noticed by someone who called (ESMA), the Egyptian Organization for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

They directly came and take the poor dog, who had several wounds on his neck and was exhausted. Fortunately, the dog miraculously survived from falling down to the ground.

The German shepherd, that was named Bella, was flown to the US by the American organization for Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation that was able to find him a new home. It is still unknown if the authorities in Egypt have punished the cr!minal.

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