A Dog That Went Missing On Freak Sea Foam Beach Was Finally Rescued By Her Mother

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Dogs and their owners have a unique relationship. We never want anything bad to happen to our dogs as humans. They are not only adorable and intelligent pets, but also caring members of the family. We’ll do everything we can to help them, and these furry friends will do everything they can to protect their family.

Hazel is a lucky dog. She is loved and cared for by her family. There is one incident that calls into question how much his family loves him.

Hazel and his family were on the Gold Coast of Australia when several feet of seafoam washed up onto the beach, blanketing the sand and covering Hazel. His family was terrified as their dog vanished in front of them.

They began looking for Hazel and kept calling her name. They were doing everything they could to find their dog and bring her back.

When the seafoam covered up Hazel’s mom and brother’s waist, a bystander recorded them searching for her. You can see it below.

Fortunately, Hazel’s family was able to find her. Her mother carried the dog to safety in her arms.

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