A German Shepherd Experiences An Emotional Reunion With His Stroke-Surviving Owner

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The puppy Brian Myers had just rescued a few months earlier ended up saving his life. Their reunion after Myers was discharged from the hospital was much more emotional than when they had first met.

German shepherd Sadie, age 6, was abandoned at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey when Myers came to her aid. The staff at the shelter had a hard time placing Sadie because of her aggressive behavior against men.

When she first arrived, Heather Centrella, the former office manager of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, recalled that “[she] was] a little standoffish and she wasn’t sure what was going on.” She started to go a little shut-down while in the shelter, so we knew she would require a skilled medic with a patient family.

Myers made the decision to take Sadie home in 30 minutes after meeting her. There were rumors that her issues with men had been resolved. She jumped into my car, and we started chatting a little bit. “I was able to overcome her difficulties and resolved to give her the home and affection she deserved,” Myers wrote in a Facebook post.


Washington Post tld Myers I reached up with my right hand to soothe her as she started licking me and sobbing, and then I grabbed her collar.

A few months later, Myers had no idea that Sadie would be essential to his life. While the couple was spending a special evening at home, Myers suffered a stroke. His left side and the space between his bed and the wall were both unresponsive.

Because Myers couldn’t stand up and wasn’t aware that she had had a stroke at the time, it was pretty frightening. I couldn’t reach my phone on the dresser, which was about 15 feet away. In an effort to revive her father, Sadie acted fast and licked his face. He could not leave the dog’s side. In the hopes that the neighbors would hear her, she continued to bark. Myers was astonished by what transpired after when he went to get her collar.

Sadie dragged her father across the room with all of her might so he could see his phone more clearly. He claimed that although she wasn’t a service dog, she was concerned about what was happening and could sense when I was in danger. She knew how she did it, albeit I’m not sure how.

Myers was able to locate his phone and make a helpline call. The medical team told Myers that Sadie was probably the one who saved his life.

Sadie moved in with Myer’s family while her father was receiving alcoholism treatment in the hospital.Centrella claims that they FaceTime, which she finds a little perplexing because she wants to confront and sob at her father. But he promises her that he’ll try his best to get back to her as soon as he can so they can be reunited.

It was a very wonderful day when that day eventually came. Sadie ran into Myers’ arms and kissed his face as he started to cry. Her adoption, according to Myers, was the best choice he had ever made. She declares, “I genuinely think it was meant to be.”

Watch Sadie and her father reuniting in the video down below.

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