A Hilarious Horse Commercial About Buying The Wrong Horse

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One of the most astonishing things about horses, which we all like, is how their intellect, beauty, flawless demeanor, and other qualities have helped them capture the hearts of people even in industries where no one expected them to succeed, like television advertising. Marketers learned about all the advantages horses offer and chose to exploit them to their fullest in amazing advertising, which led to their global fame.

When companies decide to market their goods or services, I’m confident that all equestrians—including myself—appreciate it when the advertisements contain horses or at least make mention to horses. They genuinely improve things simply by being there!

In recent years, there have been many horse-related advertisements, particularly during the Super Bowl, where they spend a lot of time airing these clever and well-planned commercials. Most people find ads to be dull, but I think we can all agree that the ones with horses have proven to be highly entertaining, with the majority of them being rather amusing.

We’re going to show you one of the funniest horse adverts ever in the video down below. This amusing insurance company advertisement depicts how the mafia purchases “the finest racing horse” in order to place all of their bets on him only to discover later that he is actually a dressage horse. Check out the funny video down below!

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