A Horse Dances With The Owner To The Song “All About That Bass”

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“All About That Bass” was a huge hit that highly appreciated the career of singer Meghan Trainor. After releasing this song, she has many human fans, but she has even more special fans. A horse that jams in a song.

Its owner, Emma Jones, began dancing to the track, and the moment the horse saw her dance, it couldn’t stop dancing to the rhythm of her song. It has some really hilarious moves.

Another horse you probably saw in the last article was jamming on Icona Pop’s song “I love it”. This is quite different from “All About that Base” and very different from other horses that say “Look at me silently”.

How about your horse? Does your horse have a favorite song that you like to listen to and dance to? Is there a video showing how much they like a particular song? If so, please leave a comment / video comment.


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