A Man Finds A Blind Dog After It Has Spent A Week Lost In The Woods

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The family of the lost pet and all of his neighbors in the San Lorenzo Valley, California, have hailed a firefighter who saved a blind dog from being abandoned in the woods as their local hero. Dan Estrada took advantage of his fact off by going for a stroll in the woods behind his house with a friend, but he had no idea he would end up saving a dog.


The man packed his belongings and set out with his two dogs with the simple goal of going for a stroll and spending time with his pal. They discovered a surprise as they approached a creek.

Sage, a 12-year-old Labrador dog who was also completely blind and unable to move, was on the creek’s other bank. Sage had vanished from her home eight days before, and her family had searched in vain for her.

Sage’s family reported that, despite their plans to go to bed as usual one night, their beloved puppy was missing the next morning. How did she get lost? It’s a mystery, but her family began looking for her and solicited help from all of her friends and family.


They even hired a professional dog tracker, erected numerous billboards throughout the area, and shared his image on various social media platforms.

After several days of fruitless searching, the worst was expected given his health and the presence of cougars in the area. 


Sage Cole’s mother, Beth Cole, stated to The Mercury News “Our neighbors and other members of the community assisted us in the hunt for a week, day and night.”


Sage, thankfully, was sleeping by the creek waiting for help when Dan and his hiking companions discovered her. Dan approached Sage and gave her a bear hug as soon as he saw her after Sage heard the people nearby.



Dan stated “I jumped into the water and gave her a bear hug when we discovered she was still alive. It was, in fact, a miracle.


Sage lived near her owners’ house and frequently played with her two dogs, so the man was familiar with her. Dan carried Sage up the hill on her shoulders because she was exhausted and frail after a week of wandering in the woods.

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