A Man Gently Rescues A Wild Horse That Has Become Entangled In A Fence

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The wild horse became entangled in a fence installed on Green Mountain in Wyoming. The person attempting to save the horse first removed the cables, allowing the horse to flex his legs. Despite the fact that the wild horse was finally free, she couldn’t get back on her feet. The poor horse had been stranded for so long that she had lost leg strength.

Tony, the savior, cared after her and gave her water. He then tried to undo the strap that was binding her legs together, while another lady named Taren was trying to calm her down by holding her down. The horse sprung to his feet and began walking quickly when he carefully put the ropes over her legs.

The wild horse was sighted the next day in fine shape, walking side by side with her youngster. We all appreciate this incredible effort made by these folks, especially in this day and age when most people would have neglected the unfortunate animal. They performed a good job, despite the fact that they didn’t know anything about horses.

This video was dramatic, but we feel much better now that we know it had a nice ending. We’re all hoping that the wild horse and his foal are okay now. By seeing these films, we learned that we should always be compassionate and aid people in need, especially animals that are in terrible situations at times. Please watch the video, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share it!

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