A Mare That Gives Birth To A Rare Foal With a Remarkable Coat

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This is not the first time we have discussed a rare horse breed. With over 350 horse breeds around the world, we share with you every day some of the world’s most popular breeds and unfortunately the rarest endangered breeds. Today we’re introducing one of the rarest foals that is considered a unique horse and has received a lot of attention from all horse lovers around the world.

The cute mare was born on February 9, 2016 and is named Lady Nadira, which means “rare” in Swahili. As soon as you see her, you’ll find that this name is perfect for her because she’s the most unique horse we’ve ever seen!

We are accustomed to seeing horses in typical shades of white, black, brown, etc., but Nadira has a completely different look. A coat reminiscent of cookies and cream ice cream. Because this incredible mare is a mating of a Bey Leopard Hufflinger named Native Rosie with a small gypsy stallion named Hermit’s Silver Shadow, one of the few horses of this breed left in the United States.

She becomes a beach pony, recreation rider, and while being a masterpiece like her mother’s native Rosie, she also competes in Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race. Watch the cute video below. If she finds her adorable, feel free to share the video with her friends.

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