A Military Dog ​​With Terminal Cancer Receives A Hero’s Emotional Farewell!

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It was an emotional and difficult parting moment between Cena and Lance Cpl. Jeffrey DeYoung, his great friend. The black Labrador Retriever dog, used to be laid to relaxation after serving as a U.S. Marine Corps Bomb-Sniffing for four and a half years.

Marine Dog Veteran With Terminal Bone Cancer Gets A Hero's Goodbye -  Cesar's Way

Cena’s six-month career in Afghanistan with DeYoung forged an unbreakable bond between them. Many moments have bonded them together, like when DeYoung carried Cena across the river and when he kept him heat on the coldest nights and whilst beneath heavy hearth from the Taliban, he threw himself over Cena.

In contrast, when Cena comforted DeYoung because seven of his closest comrades had died in the span of three weeks. They were separated and the distance was difficult because DeYoung was honorably discharged, but the dog continued for four years as an active-duty sailor bomber.

In 2014, Cena finally retired and was immediately adopted by her best friend DeYoung. They lived a special and beautiful life together for the next three years. Luck came quickly to the end because Cena was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and DeYoung was completely helpless.

It was a tough time when DeYoung decided to spend each day following Cena’s diagnosis curating a bucket list of fun for him. DeYoung wrote about his last night with Cena that he was so confused and didn’t want to face this, but he will be strong because Cena has given his life happiness and love. DeYoung wrote a heartfelt message to Cena on his Facebook page the day after his passing.

Watch the video below.


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