A Nervous Horse Kicks A Woman In The Chest

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It’s crucial to never overlook a horse’s actions or emotions because they’ll come back to bother you later. That, I assume, is what happened in the video below, in which an agitated horse kicks a poor woman. The video catches the exact events as well as the horses’ reactions.

The white horse is nervous from the minute he appears on the video, and he decides to flee out into the pasture until the woman lets him go. He left the stable, and the woman let go of the dark horse, who had chosen to remain in the barn rather than venture out.

The white horse pursued the black horse after returning to the barn. The woman stood nearby as the black horse chose to leap into the pasture. He stepped out, and the enraged white horse glared at the woman, slamming into her in the chest as he ran.

We assume this was a new horse to the stable, and we have no way of knowing what happened previously despite watching the video. It’s also worth noting that the women had put hay out front, possibly for both horses. She was simply doing her job, but things had taken a turn for the worst by accident. Because we are well aware of how powerful and dangerous horses can be, we must exercise tremendous caution at all times. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously hurt! Don’t forget to watch the incredible video below!

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