A Newborn Spotted Mule Becomes A Rare Animal Because Of Its Color

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We love all horses, but we must admit that we always value horses more and tend to underestimate other horses, such as mules, as precious and valuable as horses. The
mules deserve more recognition not only from the equestrian world, but also from almost everyone who recognizes them only by the word “stubborn like a mule.”

In fact, mules inherit their best traits from horses and donkeys. For example, they are faster and bigger than donkeys, but require less food and are cheaper than horses.

Although not as popular as horses, mules have proven their skills in several fields such as leadership, driving, horseback riding, and last but not least, they can prove themselves in dressage. We recently showed the success story of a very talented mule who became the first mule in the final of a dressage competition in the United States.

Unfortunately, mules are sterile, so you’ll have to start over with the original horse and donkey pair to reproduce. You can see a very rare spotted mule in the video below. This is something you don’t see every day. In fact, we have never seen such a rare mule before.

We do not yet know what kind of hybrid this mule is, but we do know that it is very unique and interesting because of its unusual color! I can’t help but look at him because his looks are truly mesmerizing. Check out the beauty in the video below!


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