A Police Horse Kicks A Woman To The Ground

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It is astounding to see people with such a lack of knowledge about horses. Sadly, despite horses being so well-liked all throughout the world, people often don’t know how to treat them. They aren’t even aware that, similar to what happens with other animals, if they display any signals or clues of aggression around a horse, they can likewise anticipate a violent response from them.

Being close to horses or any other animal should be done with extreme caution as any animal could feel threatened by a human who approaches them in an unwelcome or inappropriate manner.

Given their size, horses may be even more dangerous than other animals if they feel threatened or enraged. Although horses are generally very calm and trouble-free, you cannot hold them responsible when they behave violently toward other people.

When Kingston University arrived, a young woman from Kingston, Ontario, was trying to make a point by racing behind the horse named Murney and slapping its back. However, she was unaware that the horse would not react well to the slapping. She was kicked by it in response, and she then fell to the ground.

She holds her face as she sprints back toward the crowd. During the homecoming festivities, Murney the horse received three slaps.

Two males and one woman were in charge. The Kingston police department, however, declined to clarify whether or whether the women in the video had been put on trial. Therefore, always keep in mind that you should be cautious around horses and avoid trying to make jokes because that could result in the wrong way.

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