A Rescue Dog Brings Her Blanket Outside To Warm Up A Freezing Stray Puppy

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We can all agree that dogs have such gentle souls, and several stories have shown that they are willing to go to great lengths to assist anyone in need. The following is a story about an 8-month-old Brazilian rescue puppy who won everyone’s heart with her incredible gesture.

It was love at first sight for the rescued dog Lana when she met Suelen Schaumloeffel and her husband, and the rescued pup knew her adoptive parents would lavish her with love. Lana’s parents gave her a warm blanket. It was her favorite thing because she slept and played with it all the time.

When Suelen’s husband went to work one cold morning, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He noticed Lana had pulled out her blanket to share with a cold, homeless puppy as he was leaving his house. Lana’s heartfelt gesture brought tears to her parents’ eyes. Suelen told The Dodo, “I was like, ‘What a beautiful thing she did for her friend.’”

“My four-legged best friend taught me a valuable lesson: generosity!” Suelen and her husband even attempted to approach the frozen puppy to see if he had a dog tag, but the poor thing became scared and bolted. It was only a hunch that it was a street dog. They hope, however, that he will return to assist him, just as their beloved Lana did.

The woman exclaimed, “She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met. We forget how much of a difference we can make in someone’s life from time to time.” Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share the story with your friends on social media to brighten their day as well.


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