A Woman held A 19-Year-Old Service Dog By Her Side In A Hospital , Most Devoted And Oldest Therapy Dog

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The dog has earned the title of “man’s best friend”. They are very intelligent, kind, affectionate and absolutely loyal. You also have access to training as well as fun tricks. Working dogs can serve as flock of sheep, guide blind people, forbidden snuffs, therapy dogs, and more. The dog named Baxter was a therapy dog ​​at the San Diego Hospice and Palliative Medicine Institute, a facility specializing in end-of-life care. Baxter was taken to the hospital room in his car-like many patients he saw, this 19-year-old dog couldn’t walk..

The staff will then place Baxter on the bed next to the patient, who will provide the necessary comfort while helping the patient (and their loved ones) go through a difficult and emotionally distressing time. Despite being together for a short time, Baxter and the people he cared for actually developed a very strong bond. The hospice pastor said: “Baxter seems to know how to give people the care they need.” Baxter was such a great dog that a book was written about him. The author explains it this way. “There are supernatural correspondences.

Baxter is dying and the patient is nearing death. Baxter is truly the perfect and the best treatment dog in the world. What happens in the room when he lies in bed with the patient or sits with his family on the sofa. All of a sudden, for a while, everyone will be alive and it will seem like they are really alive.

Here is a video of Baxter’s biography. It’s sad and heartbreaking in some ways, but at the same time inspiring, it’s a celebration of some of the finest, most dedicated and oldest healing dogs in the world. Unfortunately, Baxter passed away shortly after the video was shot, but he has helped a huge number of people throughout his life. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this touching story in the Facebook comments. Don’t forget to like and share to let everyone know what’s important about therapy dogs.

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