A Wounded Bald Eagle Learns To Fly Again Thanks To A Dedicated Veterinarian

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There are so many heroic people willing to do anything, even risk their own lives, to find animals, but when it comes to helping, whether a wild animal or a pet is in dire straits, we all trust true heroes. the veterinarians. As true animal lovers and extremely passionate people, these guardian angels always offer comfort. One great man is Dr. Cliff Redford, a veterinarian at Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Ontario, Canada. A man whose love of wildlife is immeasurable!

Dr. Cliff also keeps in touch with fans thanks to social media. Recently, the world’s devoted medical professional shared his efforts to help a majestic bald eagle recover from some serious injuries. The iconic bird was seriously injured by some duck hunters and looked really bad when he was at Redford’s Dr. Clinic. Needless to say, the poor bird would never have made it without him.

After an initial examination, Dr. Redford states that things seemed worse at first glance for the bald eagle. With his left wing bone broken, his chances of flying again were extremely slim. But not under the supervision of Dr. Redford. It wasn’t about the bones, it was about the muscles.

After an operation that lasted several hours, the eagle, named Wolf by the veterinary group, was on the hard road to recovery. Quite a long, albeit almost impossible, road to go, but with such a devoted vet and an animal fight, things only go one way.

Wolf has been in a rehab facility for more than six weeks. The people here were so full of hope, but they said it all depends on the bird and its determination. Although the first result seemed anything but good, no one gave up. Everyone was determined to make this bird fly again. And they finally got it!

Find out more about Wolf’s extremely difficult road to recovery in the images below!

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