After 764 Days Apart, Dad Wonders If Missing Senior Dog Will Recognize Him Again

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When Bosco, a Beagle-mix, was nine years old, he vanished from his Westerley, Rhode Island, home. The courageous dog had reportedly unbuckled his collar to explore the area, but he had ultimately been unable to locate his way back home.

Dad Due to a back condition, Bill Ballato spent months looking for Bosco using missing poster searches and personal contacts, but the adorable puppy was never located. Bill was afraid he would never see his puppy again after being forced to move to Lafayette, Colorado.

When several locals of Rhode Island recognized Bosco from missing posters, he had been missing for more than two years. Bosco was a homeless man who was scared of people.

Locals alerted Sheilah Graham, a DHS employee who routinely serves as a volunteer “pet detective” to locate lost pets.

Sheilah got in touch with Bill to ask about Bosco. With the help of a trap loaded with all of Bosco’s favorite meals, she quickly achieved her goal of capturing him.

Sheilah was aware that Bill couldn’t come get Bosco due to his infirmity. She was happy to agree to go 2000 miles in 36 hours to bring Bosco to Bill and reunite the two because a senior dog like Bosco couldn’t fly. The thoughtful woman took care of Bosco while driving through two snowstorms on the self-funded trip.

The senior dog finally spotted Bill after 764 days, but he froze in shock. The unfortunate father was worried that his longtime friend wouldn’t remember him. But Bosco only recognized he was back in his dear father’s arms when Bill worked up the guts to yell “Dude”!

Bosco was delighted to see both his canine sibling and his old toys again! We are grateful to Sheilah for making this reunion possible out of pure kindness. We have never seen a sweeter reunion than this one!

Watch the video below to learn more about Bill and Bosco’s fantastical reunion!

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