After Dad Lion Tries To Punish Cub For Biting His Tail, Lioness Gives Him A Good Earful

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He is renowned as the “King of Animals” for good cause. With his enormous mane and tremendous roar, the majestic lion is nothing short of scary. However, the photographs below plainly show that a lioness is in command here. Not in our family, at any rate!

A lion family at the Washington National Zoological Park encountered some drama. The reason for this was a simple play battle between the father lion and one of his rowdy pups. Things got out of hand, and the mother had to intervene to bring everyone back down to earth. We’ve never seen a lion male walk in front of a lioness like this one. Jennifer Lockridge, a 42-year-old amateur photographer, photographed the amusing situations.

The enormous lion attempted to give the little cub a lesson when he just grabbed his father’s tail and bit it, but he ended up being the one who was educated by his soulmate. The lioness – who had a bit of a temper, we must confess – had strongly chastised her male following his effort to punish the pup.

Lockridge, who often visits the zoo to observe the lion family, was at the right position at the right moment to record this furious dispute on video. The lion cage had been pretty tranquil until the cheeky cub Lusaka nipped the father’s Luke tail.

“I truly liked seeing this relationship,” Lockridge added, “particularly because Luke has just lately been permitted to play with his cub.” “There is a lion pride in the Wildlife Refuge with seven cubs from two mothers, and Luke is the father of all the cubs.” The cubs have gotten braver, and they approach Luke readily, seeking to play with him. ‘I don’t think he understood she was chewing his tail, and he didn’t appear disturbed,’ says the author. Lusaka has a propensity of biting both her siblings’ and adults’ tails.”

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