After Long 6 Years In Shelter, Puppy Says Goodbye To All His Caregivers Before Going With His New Family: “A Very Special Day”

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Stevie waited 6 years to be adopted at DogtownSA, a shelter located in South Africa, and when his chance finally came, the team got together to say goodbye to him. The dog did not stop smiling or wagging his tail before all the members, until he got on the vehicle that took him to his new life.

Most animal rescue shelters are safe places for homeless pets, especially those who have spent a long life on the streets.

Once they are rescued and taken in by volunteers, they receive the veterinary care they need and start a new life thanks to the caretakers at the shelter, hoping someone will adopt them one day.


While many manage to find a family in a short time, there are others who have a harder time and spend several years waiting for their opportunity. The caregivers’ hope keeps their spirits up until the big day arrives, as was the case with Stevie, a puppy who was finally adopted after spending 6 years in a shelter.


It was such a happy moment for him and his caregivers that they decided to say goodbye to him in a very special way.

The team at DogtownSA , located in South Africa, wanted to treasure the moment by recording it in a video for TikTok . All of the caregivers are gathered outside the shelter while they wait for Stevie.


The puppy arrived on a leash and accompanied by his new owner to get into the vehicle and go to his new home, but first he wanted to say goodbye affectionately to everyone, demonstrating his gratitude.


Stevie happily approached each of the caregivers for some TLC before beginning her new life. She couldn’t stop wagging her tail and standing on her hind legs, let alone smiling. She even jumped with all of her energy.

The shelter team was just as happy as Stevie, applauding him for finally getting his chance at a forever home. “This is a very special day for Stevie.” The entire team wanted to send him off in style. “Stevie, we will always love you,” the shelter said on TikTok.

Check out the moment below.

Like the team and Stevie, the users of the social network were also grateful and happy to see the puppy receiving so much love before starting his new life. “I’m crying! Stevie is saying goodbye to all her loved ones and is so thankful for all the love and care ,” one of them said in the post . “He is thanking each one of them” and “Absolutely gorgeous” were other comments on the post that has amassed 1 million views.


Great moments await Stevie and many puppies like him.

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