After Months Of Searching, The Truck Driver Breaks Down In Tears Upon Seeing His Cat Again

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Unable to hold back his tears, a truck driver finally finds his beloved pet. Ashes and Matthew are reunited and content. Trucker Matthew B wept when he finally found his cherished cat Ashes after months of looking. Matthew and Ashes have traveled together ever since their paths touched. The man and his 3-year-old gray uncle bond incredibly as they drive across the nation in the comfort of an 18-wheeler. Before last July, when the cat unintentionally escaped from the truck while it was parked in Springfield, Ohio, Ashes was his coworker, and they had never been apart. He sprinted into the bushes after being scared by something. Devastated, Matthew searched everywhere for his best friend.

He circled the area several times without luck, but he knew he had to get back on the road because he was so devastated. Over the next few months, Matthew changed his routes numerous times in order to return to the same spot to look for Ashes. In the hopes that today might be the day, he kept going back. On one occasion, Kimberly T. and a buddy were traveling to New York and arrived at the same station. She was going to return to her car when she noticed something. A thin, ravenous cat peeked out of a bush looking for attention. In Kimberley’s words: It was so cold outside that I was trying not to put my paws on the ground. No one came to claim the cat, so she picked it up and brought it to her car to warm it up.

The cat appears to have spent some time living on the streets. He needed a lot of care and to be examined by the veterinarian. Kimberly brought him to New York because she was aware of a location where he might receive assistance. They brought him to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport-based sanctuary for animals, where he was warmly received. What Kimberly didn’t realize was that this cat was more than just any regular cat; it was an experienced traveler, a spokeswoman for the organization said. Our admissions team quickly checked for a microchip, as they do with all incoming pets. He not only had one, but he also had a registered owner who lived 1,465 miles away in Texas.

The owner did indeed answer when they called the number provided in the registration information, as they had hoped. Matthew, who was at the time in Arkansas, was utterly shocked. He said to the workers of Lollypop Farm: I was thinking about Ashes every day.” Matthew turned around and headed in the direction of New York right away. While they awaited the reunion, Ashes received the required veterinarian care and put on some weight. After Ashes had been there for a week and a half, Matthew’s 18-wheeler appeared in front of the shelter.

According to shelter staff who spoke to Love Meow, “Ashes recognized him and immediately got loving.” As he gave Ashes a bear hug and rubbed his head against his, Matthew sobbed. It’s a Christmas miracle for me, says Matthew. Without him, I would have never found the microchip. Although the people who found him saved his life, it was the microchip that allowed for his return. Kimberly and her companion attended to witness this touching reunion. They fell in love with Ashes on the way home and were ecstatic to have him back where he belonged. Before their relationship ended, Ashes and Matthew were close, and according to Matthew, they are even closer now. Ashes seems ecstatic to be with him again, and she exudes more affection than ever. We are overjoyed that this courageous kitty is back on track.

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