After Reuniting With Her Lost Dog, A Young Girl Can’t Stop Crying

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The moving story that follows is about Max, a beloved dog who has been missing for over two months. He went missing in San Antonio, Texas, in May, and his family members were afraid they would never see him again. That is, until Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Replacement Perez got a call of a dog walking around an adjacent location.

Perez remembered seeing a missing pet dog flier at the substation in an attempt to find Max. When Perez arrived at the site of the dog’s discovery, it was still Max! He phoned the family right away to check that it was their pet, and they were promptly reunited.

Nobody knows how Max lived on his own out there, but his family was happy to see him return. His two human siblings were overjoyed at the reunion; one couldn’t stop weeping and cuddling Max when the pet was returned to them.

Max is now safe and healthy at home, thanks to Perez and the kind Samaritan who notified authorities after seeing him in the neighborhood. Dogs are members of the family, and their disappearance is heartbreaking. The sheriff’s office wrote about Max’s joyous reunion with his family on Facebook, and it received over 1,500 shares.

“Seeing the expressions on these small girls’ cheeks is wonderful!” said one commenter. “These small animals have a profound effect on our hearts.” Thank you for returning their kid to them, officer Perez. Many thanks!” The tale touched many individuals on the internet.

The small kids were clearly happy to see their friend again, and it was all because to one exceptional police officer. “We need to see more tales of authorities doing excellent things,” another article commenter said. “This makes my heart beat faster.”

The constable’s office was overjoyed to see the reunion, and Max was clearly as well. He won’t have to worry about where he’ll get his next meal or whether he’ll be able to sleep alone on the streets.

“Max and his family members were reunited, and as you can see from the children’s reactions, they couldn’t be happier,” the constable’s office posted on Facebook. “Thank you for organizing this get-together, Deputy Perez!”

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