After Six Months, Missing Dog Can’t Believe His Father Has Finally Located Him

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Early in April, the Washington County Animal Shelter got a call: Blue the stray dog had found his way to a stranger’s home in search of a secure place to rest. An animal control officer reportedly sped over to get the pit bull mix and bring him back to the shelter, as reported by thepetneeds. Blue seemed to like everyone he encountered, despite the fact that no one knew how long he had been living on the streets.

He was a cheerful dog, according to Tammy Davis, the shelter’s executive director, who spoke to The Dodo.

He was initially a little timid and didn’t enjoy the other dogs being around him, but he quickly warmed up to people and was very devoted to the employees.

The shelter had to stop taking walk-ins due to the COVID-19 outbreak and only take appointments. Because there was less foot traffic, Blue languished in his kennel for months, which ended up being a gift in disguise.

The shelter posted a video of Blue playing with his favorite toy on Facebook to introduce Blue to any prospective adopters. The comment “That’s my dog” was made on the video a short while later.

For six months, Blue had been gone from his Tennessee home. His father spent hours looking for him, but in the end had to move to Texas to find employment. Before seeing a Facebook video of Blue from a friend, he had given up hope of ever seeing his dog again.

Blue’s favorite toy in the shelter was a blue squeaky ball, and he was playing with that ball in our video, according to Davis. When we started talking to the owner, he said, “Yes, I have pictures of my dog,” and he sent us photos of Blue at home with the same blue ball, which was his favorite toy. It was crazy.” All that was left to do was determine whether the man claiming to be Blue’s owner was telling the truth.

The 1,200-mile search by Blue’s father for his kid paid off, and they were all pleasantly surprised by the reunion. According to Davis, “it was obvious that the dog had a connection with that person.” Blue appeared to question whether he should believe his eyes for a little moment.

The man started crying, and after that it was just kisses; it was amazing. Now that Blue is back with his father, the two are starting a new life in Texas that is filled with affection, cuddles, and squeaky balls.

We hope every animal could experience such joy, added Davis. Having experiences like these validates all of our efforts.

The heartwarming reunion can be seen here:

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