Airline Worker Sees Frail Women Enter The Plane And Refuses To Let Her Take Her Seat

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Airline Worker Sees Frail Women Enter The Plane And Refuses To Let Her Take Her Seat

Someone becomes famous for two reasons: whether you have done something good, or you have done something really, really bad. This is the same with companies like the airlines. Many airline companies have been shamelessly publicized by different people because of the poor customer service that they have experienced.

One of the unhappy passengers is Rebecca Kuchar Krutz. She is a loyal customer of Delta, and she was not a fan of United because of its somewhat “bad” reputation. However, she recently found herself sitting in one of the United Airlines first class seats.

We always think that when the big bosses board the plane, they take advantage of the VIP treatment and it was typical for them to get a free ride especially in the VIP section of the plane. As soon as Rebecca saw the airline’s CEO, she also noticed a passenger who was unsuccessfully trying to edge past the CEO.

And she knew that the airline staff would do everything they can to prevent the frail, elderly woman from getting near their big boss.

We all know that United Airlines have recently received bad publicity and every time we see them on the television, it was never about good news from the company. But because of what Rebecca witnessed, she now has some good news to share to the world and she did not hesitate to post it on her Facebook page.

She wrote:

“I’m a pretty loyal Delta Airlines customer. But tonight I was on a flight w the CEO of United. I was a bit surprised seeing him walk back into the economy section of the plane to take his seat.”

She shared that seated right in front of her was an elderly woman probably in her 80s or 90s and she did not look like she’s in good shape. She even had a hard time talking with others. She continued to write, “Prior to boarding, I’d seen Oscar (the CEO) make his way out of a crowd of people in order to go over and speak with her.”

Oscar Munoz is a very well known American businessman and he was named as the president and the CEO of United Airlines since September of 2015. Because of what he did for the elderly passenger, Rebecca thought that it was sweet of him to take time to say ‘hi’ to the woman even in the midst of the crowd of people who was desperately trying to get his attention and speak with him.


What made it more impressive is that, he insisted for the elderly woman to take his reserved first class seat!

As soon as the plane landed, Rebecca overheard the woman tell the man sitting next to her that it had been a while since she had flown in an airplane. She also shared that she was very nervous and could not believe that the airline’s CEO himself was kind enough to offer her his seat. Everyone would have been impressed of what he did too!

This simply shows that kindness is still in the hearts even with the big names of this world. Oscar simply shows that he is seeing United as more than just an airline company, and the woman as just a mere passenger. He made the woman feel special with his simple but heartfelt gesture!


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