Baby Elephant Can’t Stop Following Her Savior After Being Rescued From Death

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Sometimes a little act of kindness means the whole world to a helpless being. Such is the case with this adorable baby elephant. Moyo was only a few days old when she lost from her herd. Given her situation, the chances of survival were extremely slim. But Moyo, which means “from the heart”, has exceeded all possibilities thanks to this nice woman

Alone, hungry and scared, a herd of hyenas approached the little elephant. Unfortunately, in a desperate attempt to save her life, she jumped into a flooded river. Therefore, her fate seemed sealed. But just in time, a group of rangers came out of nowhere and pulled them out of the water.

From that moment on, Moyo’s life has changed dramatically. She was taken to the Wild Is Life Shrine in Harare, Zimbabwe, and it is here that Roxy Danckwerts, her founder, became her adoptive mother.

Now, two years after the moment the little girl was saved from certain death, things are very different for her. And her foster mother too! Moyo weighs around 150 pounds and follows Roxy everywhere. “She knows my voice, my smell and she somehow always knows where I am,” said the woman.

The duo quickly built an incredible bond based on mutual love and respect. And now they are inseparable! But sometimes Moyo’s energy turns the house upside down!

“It is one of those animals that I have built an extraordinary friendship, trust and love with,” said Roxy. “Letting go will be difficult. However, I am so determined and so confident that I chose this route. I want the best for the baby elephants, and the best is the freedom to roam and make their own decisions. ”

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