Baby Koala Embraces Her Unconscious Mother During A Life-Saving Surgery

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The love between a mother and her child is the most powerful force on the planet. Animal mothers are as attached and devoted to their babies as humans. Regardless of the species, a mother is always a mother. And this koala mom-baby duo definitely proves it!

After the accident, the mother koala was seriously injured. But to her luck, the group of volunteers saved her and her little baby in a timely manner. Lizzie and her baby Joey Phantom have been taken to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

The little koala was healthy and unharmed, but his mother was in critical condition with injuries. So she had to have surgery to save her life.

And the most touching part was when 6-month-old Joey stayed by his mother’s side during the operation. Veterinarians realized that it would be best to stick together to provide comfort, as staying apart could easily traumatize them and cause anxiety.

Native to Australia, koalas are quite sociable animals. The only connection is between baby and mother. And as you can see in the video, their solidarity is amazing! Watch the touching encounter below!

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