Cloud in the shape of a dog is an irrefutable proof that all dogs go to heaven

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Have you ever looked at the sky and tried to see the clouds?

This is typical of children and romantics. Few of us pass the time looking up at the sky, but sometimes the shapes of the clouds are stunning, taking on the outlines of people or animals.

There is one photo where the cloud looks so much like a dog that the picture instantly went viral on the web.

The photo was taken on a palm-lined street in a tropical coastal town during sunset as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon.

As reds and golds filled the sky, the image of a dog sitting in the clouds appeared.

When we lose loved ones, we often believe that they have passed into another dimension.

We hope they are now angels watching over those they left on earth. And dogs, of course, become the guardian angels of their owners.

Our dogs are our family, after all. If we believe our family members go to heaven, then why shouldn’t our furry family members go there as well?

Anyone who has an emotional connection with dogs will tell you that they also have a soul, just like humans.

And when we lose our beloved “shaggy children,” the thought that their souls will also live forever and that we will meet again someday can be a comfort to us.

So when a cloud in the shape of a dog appears in the sky, we can hope that a dog angel has come to us. Interestingly, all the “dogs” in the sky are different, not similar to one another. Many owners claim that they saw their own dog.

Photos of clouds in the shape of dogs appear on the web quite often.

Many believe that these are messages from pets who want to say that they are “all right.”

That’s why it’s so easy to believe that all dogs really go to heaven.

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