Crying Orangutan Is Shown Love For The First Time In His Life And His Reaction Is Everything

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Some animals are lucky to be raised by humans who care and love them. There are also others who are not that lucky and how their lives end up can be pitiful.

The rescuers were devastated upon learning what happened to this baby orangutan.

This baby orangutan named “Budi” was raised by individuals who are cruel to him. He is still a baby and how the rescuers found him was heartbreaking. He lives in Indonesia and spent most of his early life locked up in a tiny chicken cage!

Budi was fed with condensed milk and nothing else. This was slowly the poor orangutan. When the rescuers found him, he was listless and lethargic because he was malnourished. Because of how he was treated, Budi did not grow properly. He was living in a cramped space and this did not give him the luxury to move around. The poor baby nearly di..ed.

Fortunately, his suffering ended early!

The International Animal Rescue heard about his situation and they immediately took action. He was rescued and was brought to their treatment center. However, the rescuers worried that it would be too late to save him. They did not encounter a situation like this in the past and nursing him back to life can be a challenge.

We all know that orangutans deserve to live in the wild, if not in the well-maintained zoo where they will be taken cared of. They surely do not deserve to live in a chicken cage. Because of his living condition, Budi’s body was deformed. His limbs were bent and his entire body was swollen. He couldn’t even sit properly because he was too weak to do that.

Just to think of it, how he was treated was unacceptable.

But Budi is not giving up! Especially now that he receives all the love and care that he deserves. Thanks to his rescuers, Budi had time to heal. At least now, he is living closer to a normal orangutan life. No more painful chicken cage that traps him. He is also now living and hanging out with other orangutans!

Budi was a victim of animal a…use and this is prevalent all over the world. This is one of the biggest problems that even the government is taking action. Even though there are plenty of rescue organizations worldwide, more and more animals are still found in their worst situations.

We have to be aware that not only are the dogs and cats are the ones who are vi..ctims of abuse. Even the wild animals like the orangutans can also experience this tragic life – similar to what happened to Budi.

Thankfully, he was rescued in time before his condition got worse. The rescuers know that if he had spent more time in that cramped chicken cage, they would not have been able to save his life. No animal deserves that kind of treatment. No animal should be forced to live in such conditions.

Everyone is happy that Budi is now in the hands of individuals who would be able to provide him with love and care after all the suffering that he has gone through. Everybody is optimistic that he would recover faster with constant love and humane care.

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