Daniela Ruah Speaks About Kissing Her Brother-In-Law Eric Christian Olsen on NCIS: LA ‘Was No Big Deal’

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Every actor must be prepared to kiss on the big screen. It is a common interaction between acting professionals in the industry, and it works best when both parties are committed to their performance and have a working relationship founded on trust and mutual respect.

Daniela Ruah, who plays the headstrong and competent special agent Kensi Blye, has had to kiss her co-star Eric Christian Olsen, who plays agent Marty Deeks, since Season 3, though their characters didn’t finally get together as a couple until a bit later. It is clear from their onscreen chemistry that both actors have a strong bond in real life and are just as dedicated to making the romantic scenes work as their characters are to preserving their relationship despite the many obstacles that come their way.

Not only are these two actors cast mates, but they also became family a couple of years into their “NCSI: Los Angeles” journey when Ruah married Eric’s brother and stunt double, David Paul Olsen, in 2014. There was a real possibility that their familial connection made their onscreen displays of affection awkward and uncomfortable. However, Ruah has assured them that this is not the case.

Daniela Ruah’s job entails kissing.

The Portuguese-American actress was asked about having to kiss her brother-in-law on the show during an interview with Queen Latifah. Ruah, giggling, appeared flustered when shown the kiss Kensi and Deeks shared in Season 6 Episode 11, “Humbug,” but she responded with grace and good humor. When asked if it was strange to kiss her co-star because of his relationship with her husband, the actress replied:

“The obvious answer is ‘yes,’ but we’re so invested in our characters and so interested in what’s happening on the show that the audience who has been following these characters is satisfied. We’re trying hard to stick to that more than anything else.” She then explained how having both of their partners in the acting business made things much easier for them: “Dave is in the business, and Eric’s wife is an actress, and I think everybody knows what that feels like.”

In Season 14, Kensi and Deeks have become adoptive parents to Rosa Reyes (Natalia Del Riego), and they are attempting to balance this new phase in their personal lives with the hectic dynamics of their job. It’s nostalgic to see how far these characters have progressed since the show’s inception more than a decade ago. But none of this would have felt as genuine and meaningful if Ruah and Olsen’s bond had not been built on deep trust, consideration, and unquestionable devotion to their roles.

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