Deaf Pit Bull Dog Fears He’ll Miss His Soldier Homecoming If He Moves Away From The Door

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In 2009, Shanti, soldier Phil Kriens’ wife, surprised him with Cotton, a pretty rescue pup, when he returned from being deployed in Afghanistan. The pit bull pup, who was found starving with open wounds in a locked shed, had several nagging heath issues, and was deaf when he was rescued by the Oregon Humane Society.

So, Kriens and his wife decided to do whatever it took to help Cotton have a happy life despite his health situation! The great puppy, who got registered as an emotional-support service dog, became a very important part of Kriens’ battle by years!

The video below shows Cotton waiting for his dad, who used to go every other month for a weekend-long training to Oregon National Guard! It looks like the two days Phil goes away as a year for Cotton!

You can see in the video that the loyal dog does not want to miss his daddy’s homecoming as he refuses to leave the front door! So, when Cotton sees Phil, he starts jumping and wagging his tail unstoppably!

Sadly, every good story has an end, and Cotton’s story is no exception as he had to be put down due to his inherent health troubles that got worsened! Rest in Peace Cotton! Watch the video below.

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