Deer Visits Them Every Year But This Year It Appeared With An Arrow Lodged In Its Head

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Just like other wild animals, deer can be hostile when they feel threatened. But mostly, they are very timid and shy animals. They just want to be left alone and appreciated from a distance. They do not usually go to places where there are lots of people.

But this deer was the exemption to the rule. He would easily approach humans and he loves interacting with them. That is why this family soon named him “Carrot.”

The townspeople of Kenora Canada soon fell in love with Carrot. The animal formed a special and strong bond with a human named Lee-Anne Carver. He would always visit her and he could be often seen outside of her home. But when it was time for Carrot to migrate with his family, Lee-Anne didn’t see him anymore.

But she knew that he is now an adult and is hopefully happy with his own deer family. For years, the kids and even many of the adults in Kenora missed Carrot.

Then in late 2019, Carrot showed up again.

And just like the old times, Carrot was still as friendly as he was before. All of the kids of Kenora were happy because they got to pet him again. Carrot became an honorary member of Kenora and this also gave Lee-Anne Carver more time to spend with this lovable deer.

And once again, the time came for Carrot to migrate with the rest of his herd. But this time, the residents knew that they would see him again soon.

In late 2020, Carrot returned to Kenora. People were so excited to see the deer again. But something was terribly wrong.

When Carrot appeared on the lawn of Lee-Anne Carver’s home, he came with a really bad injury. He had an arrow lodged in his head!

Carrot was walking around looking perfectly fine, but Lee-Anne knew that the arrow could cause Carrot terrible harm. Lee-Anne got into contact with a local expert to see what they could do.

The expert recommended keeping the arrow in place for a while because if Lee-Anne will try to remove it, the arrow could cause severe bleeding. And if the arrow was cut, it could splinter which could cause Carrot even more damage. But they all knew that this is putting the deer’s life in danger.

Eventually, some members of Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources got involved in the situation that Carrot was in. They said that they could tranquillize Carrot and attempt to remove the arrow safely. When they found Carrot, they noticed that part of the arrow had sheared off. So these experts quickly tranquillized carrot and got to work. They need to remove the arrow now or else it would be too late to save the animal.

Soon, they were able to remove the rest of the arrow. They sterilized the wound and gave Carrot some antibiotics to speed up the healing. They hoped that it would be enough to save him.

Thankfully, Carrot woke up from the. Lee-Anne knew that at that time, Carrot’s condition was still sensitive. So over the next few days, she made sure to keep a close eye on the deer. Amazingly, Carrot started to recover from his injury.

Over the next few days, he became his old friendly self again and Lee-Anne knew that he was going to pull through. And when he was well, he joined his deer herd in migrating once again.

The people of Kenora are hopeful that Carrot will return in late 2021 and would continue to visit them on the years after that.

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