Devastated Mother Dog Adopts Another Species After Losing Her Own Puppies

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A poor homeless dog called Georgia was taken to Sunshine Dog Rescue by kind people, who found her at a gas station!

Georgia was so sad after losing her all newborn pups because of a premature labor! Seeing how sad she was, the shelter staff came up with a great idea by bringing orphaned kittens in hopes to relief her pain.

It was one of the greatest idea they have done as Georgia was so happy to have them! Unfortunately, life did not leave Georgia alone as she underwent chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer!

Thankfully, her bravery was stronger than the cancer as she has beaten the cancer! To make things even better, Georgia was adopted into a forever along with one kitten as the rest of the kittens were also adopted when she was taking the chemo! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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