Dog Abandoned In The Yard Goes On A Hike And Can’t Stop Smiling

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Elmo is a lovable pit bull who has survived a terrible situation of abandonment and now knows what it is like to be free and surrounded by love. This dog had been locked up for a long time in the patio of his house, where he and another dog had been abandoned.


The dogs’ previous owners were not identified, and they were taken to the KC Pet Project, a non-profit organization that manages the municipal animal shelter in Kansas, Missouri.


“We think a neighbor probably noticed the dogs staying there and called Animal Control to report them,” Tori Fugate of the KC Pet Project told The Dodo.


After being rescued, the dog cannot stop smiling.


The shelter allowed Elmo to take a walk through a park and various historical monuments of the city, there he met many friends, his change of countenance was impressive; when he was rescued he seemed to be very sad, but now he can’t stop smiling.





“She even went to a local beauty salon,” Tori added.



Elmo was photographed when he arrived at the shelter, and his expressions were fearful and sad.




tori said “He gets this cute smile on his face when he’s running in the opposite direction or when he knows he’s going to be outside the shelter.”



The rescue center offers dogs the chance to get outside thanks to a program called the KC Pet Project’s “furlough” program . This was a wonderful time in Elmo’s life, but he wished he could finally find a home.



Elmo loves comfortable beds, noisy toys, and most of all, despite what he’s been through, Elmo truly loves people, including children.




Tori added “After being abandoned in his former home, you would think that he would never trust humans again, but that is not the case with him. When you meet Elmo and see his happy smile, you know he deserves a home and a loving family.”


UPDATE: After hearing Elmo’s story, a family decided to adopt him and make him happy.


Rescue center staff wrote on Facebook “They drove over 5 hours to Kansas City to meet our handsome, smiling boy. It is safe to say that he will be loved and spoiled in his new home, and they are extremely fortunate to see this happy and sweet face every day. Elmo, congratulations!”

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