Dog Rescued From Fights Is Now A Hero Fire Detection Dog

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There are several accounts of the incredibly unpleasant circumstances that, regrettably, many homeless animals must endure. It may be difficult to comprehend how cruel humans can be at times to other living beings. It is thus quite satisfying to share some positive examples in the hope that they will inspire others to act morally.

While some individuals only exhibit cruelty, others work to combat this by providing our small furry creatures love and care. The story of Hansel, a cute pit dog who was given a second shot at life, can undoubtedly symbolize all that is wonderful.

Hansel was saved from fighting in Canada along with 30 other canines. This child was scheduled to be executed under Ontario law.

Fortunately, the story of Hansel and many others changed significantly as a result of the involvement of a man named Rob Scheinberg, who protected the lives of these dogs and was in charge of convincing the court to reverse its verdict and give these children a second shot in society.

The dogs were taken to the Dogs Playing For Life Rescue Center, a non-profit organization in Florida. The emphasis there is on improving the standard of living for animals housed in shelters.

When Hansel was in Florida, he had the opportunity to be adopted by Philadelphia’s Throw Away Canines Project, where he raises dogs to become K-9 cops. After a year of training, the canine joined the Millville Fire Department, which was in need of an arson detection dog.

The first dog of his breed to work as a fire detection officer is Hansel. This person has received specialized training to recognize combustible substances such as gasoline and diesel. As a result of his outstanding efforts, he received the 2021 Law Enforcement and Detection Hero Dog award.

Over time, the dog not only assisted the fire department in saving lives, but he also made a best friend in his handler, firefighter Tyler Van Leer.

Hansel and Tyler have established themselves as “the dynamic duo in a very special field.”

Tyler revealed in one of his interviews that they are inseparable.

“He’s a fantastic dog.” I wouldn’t want any other dog.”

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