Dog Rushed Into Emergency Surgery Then Vet Pulls Out A Total Of 19 Puppies

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Dog Rushed Into Emergency Surgery Then Vet Pulls Out A Total Of 19 Puppies

A litter of cuddly puppies is without a doubt one of the most wonderful gifts that nature has ever bestowed upon us. But when you have a female dog, you expect that they give birth to a number of pups that are expected of them based on their breed.

That though is not something that Great Dane named Cleo ever planned to do. You see, Cleo was rescued from her home in Kingman, Arizona when she became pregnant with more puppies than she planned for. To ensure her safe delivery, she had to be transported to an animal hospital.

The gorgeous mother arrived at the Kingman Animal Hospital on a hot summer day for emergency C-section surgery. She was very pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. To their surprise, they were dealing with a big litter of squirmy pups who are already too excited to come out and play. The vet was more than happy to offer a helping hand to this overworked hound.

Although litter sizes vary by breed, the average number of pups born by a Great Dane is roughly 8 to 10 at the maximum. But of course, nobody can predict whether the dog will have less or more than that number. In rare instances, this breed will have a litter of chubby furballs with a total pup count that is more than what’s expected of them.

And in a rare occurrence is this doggy mom who was more than ready to give birth to her 19 pups via C-section. This definitely shocked everyone who was present that day to assist with her C-section delivery.

Fortunately, the Kingman Animal Hospital had all hands on deck, as staff members assisted in the timely delivery of 19 adorable puppies. Despite the fact that Great Danes are famed for their strength and power, Cleo was willing to lie down, relax, and let everyone else handle the duties while she napped on the couch.

The surgeon, Dr. Erika Angone, and a team of seven experts were on hand to guarantee a flawless delivery. Additionally, several members of Cleo’s human family were present to provide assistance. Following the puppies’ delivery, they meticulously washed and tapped them dry, just as mama would have done if she had been awake.

Regrettably, when the story was shared online, some people had bad things to say about the staff’s handling of the delivery. As a result, the hospital made it clearly clear on their Facebook page that the images were not taken in the hospital’s actual surgical room, which was sterile.

Despite some negativity, the majority of people who learned about this amazing delivery were overjoyed to show their gratitude to both the mother dog and the devoted experts who had come in to help with that day’s emergency C-section.

Despite the fact that everyone involved, including Cleo, was certainly nervous, the birth went smoothly. Mommy is in wonderful health, as are all 19 of her newborn babies.

In spite of how other animal births appear to be more appealing than this one, the story of the “19 Great Danes” is nonetheless amazing enough to make us love them too. The sight of this enormous group of puppies is enough to lift your spirits when you’re feeling low.

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