Dog Saved A Year Ago Still Hugs Mom Every Day When She Comes Home

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Meet the rescued dog Kylo, ​​who is so grateful for being rescued from the shelter. He wants his human mother to snuggle and cuddle as soon as she enters the house. “As soon as I sat down to take my shoes off, he came up on my lap and hugged me,” Meghan Sweers, new owner of Kylo, ​​told The Dodo. She said, “If I don’t sit down to hug him, he follows me with the saddest and most pathetic look on his face until I give up and give him a hug.”

“We contacted after seeing a picture of him on Facebook,” Kylo’s mother Megan Sweers told The Dodo. “I think he was always meant to be with us. It only took a while to find him!”

Sweers and her husband already have another dog named Nellie, a little corgi, so they decided to spend an exam night with Kylo and Nellie to make sure they get along. Rescue volunteers drove Kylo for four hours to the new home that would become his family, and from the moment he arrived, they knew it had to be like this.

“As soon as they left, he got on my lap, put his head under my chin and started snoring like a chainsaw,” Sweers said. “From that moment on, my husband and I knew he would be with us!”

Kylo soon fell in love with his new family. The only problem he had was the hardwood floors. However, his family provided rugs to keep the dog comfortable.

“He runs around the house, from carpet to carpet.” Sweers said.

Kylo just wants to be loved. Every day he kisses and hugs his mother. He is definitely a mother’s son. Every night he waits at his doorstep until his beloved mother comes home.

“As soon as I sat down to take off my shoes, he got on my knees for a hold,” Sweers said. “If I don’t sit down during our cuddle, he’ll look at me with his saddest, most pathetic expression until I give in and hold him back.”

“A lot of our family members who are very prejudiced against bully breeds changed their minds after spending time with him,” Sweers said. “He won people over … by climbing on their knees and falling asleep.”

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