Dog Waits Patiently Every Morning For Kids To Get On School Bus Safely

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The love and companionship of dogs is unsurpassed.  Large or small, as loyal guardians, they can’t be beat.  One has to wonder what goes on in their minds as they play their role as family protector.

For instance, each day Gordon, an adorably huge mastiff with an equally giant heart, sits and watches over his two girls as they get on their school bus.  Rain or shine, each day he is there, supervising without fail.

After the bus doors close, he’s satisfied that his sweet charges are safe.  Only then does he joyfully lope back to his house.  Once inside, we assume that he patiently waits for them to return so he can welcome them back.

We can imagine him taking his job seriously.  He probably spends his days napping, enjoying a meal, all the while ears pricked in anticipation of the school bus that will bring the two youngest members of his family home to him.

As far as we know, this video of him seeing the girls off to school was originally shared on Twitter by Humor and Animals.  Gordon’s fur mom, Becky Lynn, also shared a cute picture of the furry giant sitting in the snow, towering over the girls, while they wait for the bus.  Despite the obviously cold weather, the scene is heartwarming.

These two girls obviously share a special bond with their dog that can never be replaced.  Their relationship reminds us of truly how special all dogs are.

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