Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Is Reunited With Vet Who Saved His Life

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Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Is Reunited With Vet Who Saved His Life

Dogs have a very good memory. They will always remember you no matter how long you have been apart. That is why it is so touching to watch dog/human reunion videos online. If something like this uplifts you, then for sure you would love this heartwarming reunion of a dog and his rescuer.

When West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Capt. Gregg Gordon and his team arrived at a report of a brush fire, they were told that a dog had become entangled in the thicket and needed to be rescued. It wasn’t until they arrived at the scene of the fire that they realized the dog had not become stuck but had instead been restrained.

There was no way that the dog would have been able to free itself on its own. Thankfully, they arrived in time to rescue the pooch. But when they found the white and brown dog, he was in a heartbreaking state. He was burned all over his body.

Speaking with Palm Beach Post, Gordon shared, “The little guy was burned up pretty good. Even when we grabbed him, he was very distressed. I was concerned whether he would live.”

Firefighter Marcos Orozca was able to free the 2-year-old dog and transport him to the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue facility in a timely manner. There, vets determined that the dog would require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. He was moved to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) so that he could receive expert care for his burns and other injuries.

Staff at the facility named the little dog “Smokey.”

Dr. Latimer, Smokey’s primary veterinarian, determined that the dog would require several blood transfusions, medicated baths, bandage changes, and around a dozen sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. During the course of Latimer’s supervision of Smokey’s treatment, the two became extremely close.

Everyone was happy that Smokey began to show signs of improvement after a few weeks of treatment. He even started to show his adorable personality as well to those who are around him.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire. Palm Beach reported: “The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but he said fires are fairly common at these camps. Gordon believes that because the dog was chained up near a campsite, he was more of a guard of the property than a companion.”

Smokey was fostered by Captain Gregg Gordon until they are able to find him a permanent home.

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC) recently wrote an update about Smokey:

“Fen [formerly Smokey] was found tied to a tree in March 2017 with third-degree burns so severe that his leg was burned down to the bone. After spending a lot of time with us at JPESC, Constant care, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and tender loving care, he was adopted by Dr. Katelyn Thomas. Earlier this week, Smokey came back to JPESC. As you can see, he is SO thankful for all of the care, love, and treatments that he received during his time with us! Welcome back, Smokey!”

Smokey was just brought to JPESC for a checkup, and the dog’s response when he met Dr. Latimer again was just priceless. He showered Dr. Latimer with kisses and hugs. Smokey surely knows how to express his gratitude for their efforts to save him. He even wags his tail in appreciation!

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