Dog Who Waited 13 days At Car Crash Site Is Reunited With Family Thanks To Stranger

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After a t3errible car accident, the Kelley family thought their beloved Rottweiler, Ella, was dead. She had been flung from the car and rescue workers were unable to find her. But miraculously Ella somehow did survive, and the loyal dog’s story of survival, love and patience is one that packs an emotional punch.

Two weeks after the family’s car crash, Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking along the highway when she noticed an emaciated Rottweiler on the side of the road. Being a dog rescuer, Kathy immediately knew the dog wasn’t a stray from the way she behaved, and knew there was more to this dog’s story than met the eye.

Kathy decided to dig around and try and find out what might have happened to the dog. When she went and looked around where she found Ella, she noticed bits and pieces of wreckage lying in the bushes. She also made a heartbreaking discovery.

She found a small pile of personal items from the crash, gathered up by Ella and placed where she slept. The dog had been collecting what was left of her family so that she could be close to them at night while she waited for them to return!

Kathy then remembered driving by an accident scene very close to where she found Ella. But she did not think anyone could have survived the crash. She called Highway Patrol anyway and got the clues she needed to solve the mystery. She also learned that Ella’s family was alive. And that’s how Ella came to be reunited with the Kelleys!

Watch more of the story and the touching reunion between Ella and her family in the video below. And please share this amazing story with the dog lovers in your family!

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