Dolphin Baby Dies In The Hands Of Tourists After They Take it Out Of The Water For Selfies

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When we see something interesting, many of us have the habit to put out our mobile phones and take a selfie. It is a normal reaction because people want to share with the world what they have seen. But sometimes, it causes trouble more than good.

This is what happened to the baby dolphin that was taken out of the water and passed around by tourists just to get a selfie with it.

These tourists found a baby dolphin by the seashore. Instead of putting the animal back into the water and just admire it from a distance, the tourists yanked it out and started to take selfies with it. Little did they know that what they did took the life of the poor animal.

They took the dolphin out of the water for a little bit too long that it can tolerate that cost its young life.

A video of tourists passing around the baby dolphin has gone viral. This incident happened in 2016 at the Santa Teresita beach resort in the capital city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The dolphin baby was of the Franciscan species. Someone took the dolphin out of the water and passed around under the hot weather. The group of tourists was desperate to take photos of the dolphin until they caught the attention of more and more people.

The last person who took a photo with the dying or probably already dead dolphin just tossed the poor animal into the sand. And even though the dolphin was already lifeless, people still wanted to take selfies with it.

“They let him die. He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the water. In fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him. They said he was already dead., ” a horrified witness told C5N.

The tourists never really intended to kill the dolphin. They only wanted to pose for pictures with it. In fact, others are not even aware if the dolphin was still alive or not.

Franciscan dolphins are native to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. They are rare types of dolphins as there are only less than 30,000 of them left in the wild. And one of the reasons why their population is going down is because of their frequent human contact. Each year, fishermen accidentally catch around 500 to 800 Franciscan dolphin in the Buenas Aires regions.

Even though dolphins are mammals and they can stay out of the water for some time, they still need water to breathe. And they would not be able to survive that long especially on hot weather by the beach. Franciscan dolphins have a very thick and greasy skin that provides its warmth.

And if they stay out of the water for too long, their skin can cause them to go dehydrated. And this is most like the reason why that dolphin died.

And also, since many people know that Franciscan Dolphins are rare, for sure they did not want to miss the chance to take photos with it and share them online. However, they did not realize the trouble that they were causing the dolphin. Sadly, the dolphin did not survive.

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