Due To Zoo Staff’s Refusal To Approach Him, A Brave Man Jumps Into The Water To Save A Drowning Chimpanzee

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One day, just like every other day, when the Detroit Zoo chimpanzee exhibit was surrounded by spectators on all sides, a playful pursuit between two chimps between them took an unpleasant turn, and one of the chimps slid into the muddy moat encircling the display.

We should remember that unlike human bodies, chimpanzee bodies are not designed to float freely in water. As a result, the unfortunate chimp began to drown rather fast.

None of the zoo staff dared to approach him because of the violent habits of the territorial chimps in the colony. But when Rick Swope seen the helpless animal struggling, he was unable to restrain himself.

He instantly stepped over the fence and dived into the moat. He was unable to find the monkey, though, due to the muddy water.

At this moment, Rick was receiving cheers from the audience. They led him through the river and helped him reach the chimp.

The chimp family was thrilled when he brought the chimp back to them and welcomed him back unharmed. Today, Rick’s brave and unselfish act of compassion has won our hearts. Rick risked his life to protect the helpless chip! Such a heartwarming tale, it just changed my day.

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