Eagle-Eyed ‘NCIS’ Fans Noticed a Strange Recurring Location in Episodes

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The agents of one of our favorite TV procedural drama shows, NCIS, are certainly busy each week. During each episode of this hit CBS series, the NCIS officers are regularly busy catching bad guys, solving c****s, keeping the public safe from harm, and…bowling?

One fan of the hit CBS series recently took to Reddit to ask a bringing question…why are bowling alleys featured on so many NCIS episodes? According to the Reddit post, bowling alleys – or the sport of bowling – tend to be a regular theme in the series. And, this fan isn’t exactly sure why this is.

“Am I just imagining it, or do bowling/bowling alleys show up in an inordinate number of NCIS episodes?” the Redditor asks in the recent thread.

“Assuming it is not just my imagination, does anyone know the reason for this?” the NCIS fan continues.

Is There A Reason Why Bowling Alleys – Or The Sport Of Bowling – Are Regularly Featured On NCIS?
An interesting observation, for sure. The comment has many of us NCIS fans thinking back over the show’s tenure on CBS, trying to remember the episodes…and how often some type of bowling-related scene appears in the show over the years.

We aren’t the only ones, either, it seems. Some NCIS fans joined the thread trying to figure out why this has become a theme in the popular series. One Redditor offers up an explanation for this theme, noting that bowling is popular among teams such as the NCIS crew.

“Bowling is/was popular among armed forces,” one NCIS fan responds in the Reddit thread.

“A majority of stations have bowling alleys in them [from] what I’ve seen,” the Redditor adds. “Around DC and Norfolk there are a bunch of alleys.”

One Fan Remembers A Specific Plot Line In the Series Where Bowling Was An Important Element
One Redditor notes that part of the bowling theme this eagle-eyed NCIS fan has pointed out comes along with a storyline in a former season of the popular series. In this season, the fan notes, the NCIS bowling team becomes a part of the storyline.

“It [bowling] showed up when, I don’t remember his name, but apparently, there’s an NCIS Bowling team,” one Redditor remembers.

“and this guy showed up, [too] late according to Bishop,” the NCIS fan recalls. The commenter goes on to remember the details of this plotline.

“The guy I’m talking about [was] allergic to her perfume,” the Redditor notes. “proposed to her and was later shot to d***h in front of her, while translating something.”

“I remember those details better than I’ll ever remember his name,” the commenter quips. Then, another NCIS fan notes the name of this character, Qasim…before noting another bowling-related connection in the series.

“Qasim,” the Redditor responds, adding that “Abby was in a bowling league too.”

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