Elderly Dog That Was Going To Be Sacrificed Is Adopted 1 Hour Before Losing His Life. He Seems very Grateful

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Bear’s life hasn’t always been easy. The gentle dog found up on a shelter’s euthanasia list after wandering the streets of Texas as a stray.

Bear appeared to have given up. Then he received the news that saved his life — and it arrived just in time.

Since arriving at the BARC Animal Shelter in June, potential adopters have passed over the 11-year-old dog every day, and it has taken its toll. The sweet senior stopped rising from his bed, as if he’d given up hope and knew the clock was ticking.

“He was one of 28 lives that day,” BARC volunteer Madeline Garvis told The Dodo. “It’s incredible that a dog like him made the euth list. His personality is flawless, and I mean that sincerely — he’s so calm and friendly.”

Bear’s demeanor unexpectedly changed when Garvis took him out of his kennel.

“We found a dog who suddenly knew how to shake, who loved being outside and who loved love,” Garvis said.

Bear’s complete transformation after leaving his kennel can be seen here:

“We have so few opportunities to meet the dogs and see how they act outside, which is clearly so different, as Bear demonstrates,” Garvis said. “I can’t say anything bad about Bear. He was well-leashed, quiet, walked on a leash that was practically falling off of him, knew how to sit and shake, and tested negative for heartworm.”

The excellent dog quickly became a favorite. Garvis was determined to find Bear a permanent home before his time at the shelter ended.

“Are you kidding me with those eyes?! I love him,” Garvis wrote on Facebook at the time. “Once we got outside he became five years younger!”

Outside of the shelter, displaying Bear’s true personality worked. One hour before his scheduled euthanasia, Bear found his forever home. The rescue is now living the life he’s always desired, one filled with hope, love, and more time.


To learn more about dogs like Bear, check out BARC on TikTok.

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