Family Dedicate Their Lives To Help And Care For 3,000 Stray Dogs

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Family Dedicate Their Lives To Help And Care For 3,000 Stray Dogs

Family Dedicate Their Lives To Help And Care For Thousands Of Stray Dogs

Anywhere in the world, the hopeless case of stray dogs is one of the most prevalent problems to tackle. In Taiwan, a family decided to take a step forward in helping these stray dogs. They did not only help a couple but thousands of stray dogs that they can take in.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary is a family-owned shelter located in Taiwan. They provide veterinary care, a large room for grooming, and also a night room where the dogs get to sleep. They do not only take in dogs, but the sanctuary also has a separate room for cats.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary is home to more than 3,000 stray dogs of all shapes and sizes. The sanctuary started taking in stray dogs five years ago. At first, they started in small numbers of strays.

Later on, the number started to grow slowly. And their small sanctuary could not take in more animals anymore because of the size of their facility. This is when a Good Samaritan stepped in to help and donated a larger facility that the family could use to properly house all of these dogs.

Aside from this program, many of their dogs have missing legs or are paralyzed in their back legs. Because of these cases, they have a special builder that creates custom, low-cost wheelchairs for any dog who needs it. And if any dog that is brought in has too critical injuries, they are taken to a local animal hospital instead.

The stray dogs would spend the day in the park where they can freely roam around and play with their pack. The number of dogs in this sanctuary surely outnumber the staff members. That is why people throughout the community are working together and round the clock to help care for these stray dogs.

Also, the sanctuary is fully funded with donations from the locals who strongly believe in their work and passion to help these animals.

Since there are many volunteers, they take some time out of their day to take some of the dogs on a daily basis for short walks too. Because of the kind hearts of this community, Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary continues to accept stray dogs that are being brought in.

Angel Wang is one of the volunteers at the shelter. She said that she loves spending one on one time with the dog. And this is how she met her best friend. Her new best friend is a shaggy gray dog that caught her attention after the pooch followed her around all day.

The months that they spent together in the shelter turned to years. And finally, Wang decided to officially adopt the pooch which she later named, Huei Huei.

If you didn’t know, Taiwan is the first country to ban the euthanization of stray dogs for the purpose of controlling its population. Now that they have a larger space to house all these animals, they are focusing on their spaying and neutering programs. They are hoping that through these efforts, they can help raise awareness about the effects of breeding.

The family, staff member,s and also the volunteers love spending time and caring for these stray animals. The thousands of canine smiles that they see each day will surely make all the hard work worth it.

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