Family Refuses To Leave Its Senior Dog Behind, And Carry Her While Fleeing The War

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On 24th of February, Ukrainian people woke up to explosions and rockets by the Russian government, who decided to invade Ukraine for political purposes. Because of that most citizens had to leave their valuable things and houses behind. Unfortunately, pets were some of these things!

However, there are also some people, who refused to leave their pets behind, and this lady is one of them. This 35-year-old great lady did not care about anything she had but her dog! She took her senior dog with her throughout the border.

Alisa, the woman who is also a programmer for a German business said that it was a very hard mission to reach the boarder to leave to Poland from Kyiv. She added that she drove her car with her senior German Shepherd, 4 kids, sister, mother and their two husbands for sixteen hours!

After reaching the town, they decided to continue on foot for 10 miles as there were so many vehicles. However, the hardest thing in this journey was carrying her dog as the 12-year-old dog was not completely healthy and could not walk for 10 miles!

She said that she asked for help from the cars, but she was recommended to leave the dog! But she did not listen to them! She also added that she will never leave her dog as she is a member of the family!

Finally, Alisa and her family were able to make it through the border to reach Poland. But the most important thing was that the senior dog was also with them! How brave and loyal!

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