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Any time an animal is held in a cage, especially a gorgeous lion, it is distressing. Sadly, there are still a lot of circuses across the world where these wonderful wild cats are kept in captivity. After a committed crew saved them and gave them the opportunity to wander freely, it was all over. It is just thrilling to see the two lions’ initial contact with the grass.

Tarzan and Tanya were made to endure a horrible existence in a circus based in Guatemala for more than eight years. For all these years, the two large cats were neglected and confined in little cages. Fortunately, a global animal rights organization called Animal Defenders International (ADI) heard about their situation and sprung into action to save them.

These giants are normally brave, but when Jan and Tim, the president and vice president of ADI, went to help them, they both became frightened and confused. They had had an extremely difficult and depressing existence that had deeply scarred both their bodies and emotions. These demonstrate how mistreated these little critters were.

Fortunately, Tanya and Tarzan were eventually transported to a rehab facility before being taken to their new home, a sanctuary in South Africa, after many years of miserable lives. Once there, the two got the chance to take a first-ever stroll on the grass, and it was a stunning sight to witness.

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