Free food is provided to any homeless dog that enters the restaurant

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Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant, Ajilalo, has had an unusual visitor for the past five years. A homeless dog wandering the streets decided to stop at the restaurant’s door, giving a heartfelt expression that indicated he was hungry.


Although Gerardo could easily turn down the homeless dog, he instead prepared a nice complimentary lunch for him. Since then, the man has developed an endearing custom that continues to this day. After that, Gerardo’s restaurant provides the starving dog with a free supper every day.

But it wasn’t long before the man’s kindness and generosity spread among the town’s many stray dogs. More dogs began to arrive, and Gerardo, of course, welcomed them with a delicious meal.

The restaurant owner prepares free dog food


Gerardo and his restaurant are currently visited by a large number of homeless dogs, some of whom are regular customers and others who are passing through. Of course, they all have one thing in common: they are all able to satisfy their hunger thanks to the delicious food provided by the kind-hearted man.


Whenever the guy is at work, he looks into the eyes of a new dog, wondering if the rumor that he might get a free dinner there is true.

Ajilalo‘s customers are ecstatic at the deeds of their favorite restaurant’s owner. They are occasionally moved by their deeds and bring food to the homeless dogs who frequent the area.


According to Gerardo, who spoke to The Dodo, “They are, in my opinion, the best customers. Fortunately, our clients have responded favorably to dogs. They show them affection.”


Gerard guarantees:


“They don’t pay us in cash; instead, they pay us with delight and wagging tails. They are grateful, and we would rather give than receive. Since I was a child, animals have piqued my interest. My mother taught us the importance of helping others, both humans and animals. She is an inspiration to me.”



This kind man tells us that a wonderful deed can make a difference in the life of an animal. His acts demonstrate that their lives are important, which Gerardo is delighted to demonstrate every day with his meals.

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