Friesian Stallion Enjoys Using His Fitness Ball

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No one has ever had so much fun with a fitness ball, in my opinion. Zervas, a gorgeous four-year-old Frisian stallion, is obsessed with exercise balls. Since he was 11 months old, he has tried more than 20 balls. He generally brushes up against it, stretches on it, and plays with it. It’s unusual to see such an unusual all-black horse playing with a colored ball. A Frisian’s only reported color is black, however this can range from very dark brown or black bay to complete black.

When their coats fall off or they become stained from the sun or perspiration, many Friesians look black. Despite being employed as war horses for generations, Frisian horses have a placid disposition. They are enthusiastic, social students who want to impress their owners. These characteristics are ideal for every horse. The Frisians are suitable for riders of all levels. However, we must bear in mind that Frisian horses are tough to clean and demand a lot of upkeep.

To keep your Friesian looking like the photographs, you need spend some time grooming the coat, mane, feathers, and tail. As we can see in the video, this Friesian is quite handsome, implying that the owner went to considerable measures to make him so. Friesian horses have a solid and quiet demeanor. It may not occur to you immediately first, especially because they were employed in war a long time ago, but it is true. They are devoted, helpful, and upbeat.

In reality, because of its mild disposition and ability to follow commands quickly, this type of horse is frequently employed for shooting. However, they were previously on the verge of extinction. They were practically vanished by the end of the twentieth century all throughout the planet. Fortunately, they now account for around 7% of the overall horse population in the Netherlands! The prospect of losing such an ancient and wonderful species is terrifying. Take a look at these amusing horses!

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